Flat Storage Buildings

The flat storage building is superior to outside grain piles because it eliminates several expenses and burdens: buying tarps, manpower for installation, electrical expense of running the fans, threat of power failure and crop spoilage, and the inability to sell a portion of your grain at a time. The flat storage building is a year-round multi-use facility. When not storing grain, it can be used for feed, fertilizer or equipment and for less overall cost than a metal grain bin. Our plans are fully approved and signed by a structural engineer who is knowledgeable about the workings of hoop buildings. We are a cut above the competition in that other hoop buildings attach the tarp to the roof trusses weakening the building due to the uplift placed on the tarp whereas our tarps are secured to the concrete walls. Other buildings also strain to support the load of the grain, whereas our concrete walls are always designed with buttresses. We provide a 5 year building warranty and 15 year pro-rated tarp warranty.