CL Construction LLC is a family-owned agricultural & commercial contracting company based in southeastern Nebraska. We have been delivering high-quality construction services since our establishment in 2009. With a strong focus on our six divisions: concrete foundations, grain bins, metal building erection, paving, fabrication, and millwright services, CL Construction LLC has become a leading contractor in the region. Our emphasis is on providing exceptional customer service through attention to detail, quality workmanship, and timely completion of projects. Our company has built a reputation for excellence, professionalism, and reliability, which has earned us a loyal employee and customer base.

What sets CL Construction LLC apart is our core values and family-oriented approach, which permeates every aspect of the business. The company values strong relationships with clients, employees, and suppliers, and this is reflected in the way we conduct our business. With a team of experienced and skilled professionals, CL Construction LLC is committed to delivering projects that exceed clients' expectations and stand the test of time. Overall, CL Construction LLC is a company that you can count on for all your contracting needs. Whether you are looking for agricultural or commercial expansion, we have the expertise, equipment, and personnel to get the job done right!


Providing a foundation for our family and yours to build upon.


We are one team.                         We win together. We lose together.

We communicate.                        Connect with transparency, dignity & respect.

We believe character matters.    Be honest. Be prepared. Act with integrity.

We are humble.                             We take what we do seriously, but not ourselves.

We are safe.                                   Our family is safe and healthy.

We are genuine.                            Love what we do and do it well. Love to make people  happy.

We are passionate.                      We continuously move forward, innovate and improve.